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On-Street Activities and Occupation of Parklands Permit

On-Street Activities and Occupation of Parklands Permit

Council values and promotes the increasing popularity of outdoor activity. Council recognises the need of legitimate practices to undertake activities on public roads, footpaths and verges and issues short term permits to ensure the appropriate management of such activities.  

Council By-Law No. 2, Local Government Land and By-Law No. 3 Streets and Roads outline activities that require approval.

Activities captured under this permit process include fund-raising activities, business promotions, literature hand-outs and selling of flowers on local government land, or our streets and roads. Some examples of where permission would be required and can be assessed under this application are listed below:

  • School or Community Club BBQ or Bake Sale Fundraising on a public reserve
  • Charity donations (must be part of a nationally recognised event eg Daffodil Day)
  • Product Sample Give-away
  • Leaflet Handout/Business Promotion
  • Staff Display/Business Promotion
  • Mother's Day Flower Display/Sale
  • Radio Station/Television Live Broadcast Promotion
  • Fitness Provider
  • Badge Days/Surveys/Raffles
  • Busking and Preaching
  • Dog Obedience Training

Depending on the locality, a permit does not guarantee exclusive use of the area and its facilities.

Other people may be in the area picnicking, playing or walking dogs or this may be a designated dog off leash area. There may also be other events both before and/or after your event.

Council will strive to ensure that activities that promote a sense of vibrancy and local attraction do not impede or create adverse impacts on users.

Things to consider . . . .

  • How important is it that you have control of the area chosen?
  • What is the venue accessibility like?
  • Is there sufficient parking nearby?
  • Do you have a wet weather alternative?

Applications are required to be lodged with Council a minimum of twenty one (21) business days in advance of the activity unless otherwise negotiated with Council.

Minor Event Permit (eg wedding in parklands)

Outdoor events (major and minor) are held in the Copper Coast at many of their attractive parks and reserves.

Minor outdoor events include:

  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Ceremonies

All the above outdoor events will need to apply for a Permit.

Commercial Fitness Activities Permit

Outdoor personal training and group fitness activities are very popular and are a great way for our parklands (eg reserves and foreshores) to be used for a purpose that provides health benefits for our community.

Under the Local Government Act 1999 and Council By-Law 2 Local Government Land, the where activities are run for a commercial gain, permission is required prior to commencement of the activity. Some of the examples of activities that would require permission are:

  • Gym sessions (with or without equipment)
  • Boxing and pad training
  • Organised aerobic activity
  • Circuit training
  • Walking and running
  • Yoga, pilates, tai chi classes
  • A combination of any of the above

Individuals wishing to conduct personal training and group fitness activities in parklands for commercial gain are required to apply for a permit and will need to supply the following with their application:

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency with a minimum of $10 million coverage
  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate issued by a Registered Training Organisation.
  • Registration with Fitness Australia or the relevant peak body
  • Payment of application fee

Permits are issued on an annual basis from 1st July to 30th June.

Fundraising Permit

A person must not use a public road or community land for business purposes without a permit.  Business purposes include the use of land even if it is not intended to make a profit.

Copper Coast Council acknowledges the need to regulate the number and location of fund-raising activities on its public roads, footpaths and public spaces in order to ensure that there are no reasonable adverse impacts on pedestrian safety, local business trade, community users and other road users and to ensure the amenity of the locality is preserved.

Council supports community groups which raise funds by conducting stalls and badge days in public space, including footpaths and public land.   These groups include sporting clubs, recreational clubs, craft groups or associations and community based health or social welfare agencies.

Council has the authority to give permission to community groups or charitable organisations to fundraise throughout the Council area.

Busking and Preaching Permit

Council may issue permits for busking, preaching or small scale entertainment (less than 5 persons) on road reserves and public land.

A person must not without the permission of Council, undertake busking or preaching activities on Local Government land including streets, road related areas, footpaths, public land and community reserves.

Activities which require a Busking or Preaching Permit include but are not limited to:

  • Busking
  • Preaching
  • Small group entertainment

The Busking or Preaching Permit will authorise the permit holder to use an approved portion of land for an approved use, in accordance with all conditions of the permit, on a non-exclusive basis.

Applications for and approval of permits will be determined by Council taking a range of factors into consideration. Council has no obligation to approve an application.

Busking or Preaching Permits will be issued for a period of one (1) month period.

Forms and Fees Payable

Application Form

Permit applications forms are required to be lodged with Council a minimum of twenty one (21) business days in advance of the activity unless otherwise negotiated with Council.


Copper Coast Council charges a fee for use of public land for commercial purposes.

Fees payable will be in accordance with Council’s adopted Fees and Charges 2019 - 2020.