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All native snakes are a protected species.Nope Rope

If you do come across a snake, keep children and pets well clear and do not try to touch it.  Almost all snake bites occur when people try to handle, kill or harm snake.

Snakes on Private Property

Contact a licensed snake removal service, they will be able to catch the snake and remove it (fees apply). If possible, watch where the snake goes so the snake catcher can find it.

Snakes on Council Land

Should the snake be located on Council land, please contact the Councils Customer Services on (08) 8828 1200.

Snake Catchers

Snake catchers are licensed under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

If an eastern brown snake is causing anxiety or danger to a person snake catchers can:

  • locate
  • capture
  • translocate (ie relocate within 2 kilometres of the capture site), or
  • humanely destroy them.

If a snake catcher captures a snake that is not an eastern brown snake, it must be either relocated back into a suitable habitat within two kilometres of where it was captured, or humanely destroyed.

Snake catchers can also locate, capture and relocate common reptiles that are causing anxiety to a person, such as blue tongue lizards and bearded dragons, within their normal range.

There are two snake catchers that service the Copper Coast area that we are aware of, SS Snake Catching Services (Port Pirie - phone: 0497 381 846) or Peter Turner (phone: 0416 402 569). Check the Yellow Pages, Google or Council's Business Directory (keyword snake) for details.  Alternatively Google 'Snake Catcher Copper Coast'.

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