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Road Resealing

Road Resealing

2018 /20 Road Resealing

Road Resealing Program Underway

We have awarded reseal works to (SMS Bitumen) for the 2018/20 Reseal program.

SMS will start works in the Moonta area first and then Wallaroo and Kadina in the near future.

Approximately the reseal material has a 14 year design life and we are focusing on roads that can be resealed and saved from future deterioration.

In recent years we have undertaken a large roads program to stabilise our roads and stop the deterioration through an accelerated resealing program. This summer’s work will focus on continuing our ‘resealing’ phase. Once that is completed, further and more intensive road improvements will be undertaken.

These videos show some of our recent resealing works program starting from 2013 and including our current contract. Our regional corridors such as the Kainton Rd, Thrington Rd and Tickera Rd have also had a lot of work undertaken in recent years.

We have also been lobbying the State Government to fix their roads in our community, recently the works from Kulpara through to Kadina. We continue this work with a focus on the state roads around and through Wallaroo and Mines Road at the entrance into Kadina

We offer these tips to residents during the resealing program:

* Drive slowly – watch out for workers and loose road covering

* Where possible avoid driving, walking or riding on resealed areas for at least 24 hours

* Remove footwear before going indoors – tar sticks to everything!

Taylor Court Reseal

Taylor Court, Moonta completed 2018

A full list of the Council’s future reseal and roads program can be found in the Asset Management Plan below:
Asset Management Plan
Road Resealing Report - Asset Management Plan 2018