The Copper Coast Council

The Copper Coast Council

The Council

The Copper Coast Council is a progressive and successful Local Government Authority, committed to further developing the community's quality lifestyle and by making living easy.

Council will continue to strive to achieve the best outcome for its community through active facilitation of social, environmental, economic, cultural and governance initiatives in a high growth region.

The Council covers an area of some 773 square kilometres, (including a coastline of roughly 50 kilometres) servicing a population of approximately 15,000 people and over four hundred thousand visitors annually. Population trends indicate a slight growth of 7% is expected over the next decade.

Further residential developments in Kadina, Port HughesWallarooNorth Beach and Moonta/Moonta Bay are further indicators for potential population growth and demographic shifts for the region.

The 3 urban areas currently occupy approximately 19 sq. kms of the total Council area with rural farms constituting 97.5% of the district. For more information regarding the population and key statistics for the area, the Australian Bureau of Statistics regional profile can be found by clicking here.

Formed in May 1997 through the amalgamation of the District Council of Northern Yorke Peninsula and the Corporation of the Town of Wallaroo. Up until the 2010 Local Government elections, the Council area was divided into four wards, before being changed to an area council with no wards. It is represented by a Mayor and nine Councillors.