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Food Businesses and Food Safety

Food Businesses and Food Safety


The Copper Coast Council has a legislative duty of care to promote appropriate food safety practices and prevent food poisoning by administrating the

  • Food Act 2001
  • Food Regulations 2002
  • Food Safety Standards (FSANZ Food Standards Code Chapter 3).

Council's Environmental Health team ensures that food businesses within the Copper Coast operate in accordance with Food Safety Standards through a range of services and programs including:

  • routine inspections
  • investigation of food complaints and food poisoning incidents
  • educational seminars
  • distributing SA Food Handler Updates

Further Information

Role of the Environmental Health Officer (EHO)

Consumers have the right to expect the food they eat is protected from microbiological contamination, free from foreign matter and not subjected to poor handling practices. As a regulator of food hygiene and safety, Council is committed to ensuring that proper food safety standards are applied within its jurisdiction.

Environmental Health Officers monitor, protect and promote food safety under the Food Act 2001 in conjunction with the Food Safety Standards (Chapter 3, Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code) that apply Australia-wide. This is achieved through regular assessments of food businesses, monitoring of food recalls and investigation of food related complaints and alleged food poisoning. In the first instance, your Environmental Health Officer is there to give advice and educate food business owners and food handlers on appropriate practice.

Other agencies responsible for food safety in South Australia include:

  • SA Health is primarily responsible for sampling, monitoring outbreaks, labelling and monitoring food recalls. Information on labelling is available at SA Health’s website.

  • Primary Industries and Regions SA PIRSA administer the Meat Hygiene Act 1994 which affects all meat processing businesses such as butchers. Enquiries and complaints about these businesses should be forwarded to PIRSA on (08) 8207 7964.

  • Dairy Authority of South Australia licences dairy food processors and dairy farmers. Enquiries and complaints relating to these businesses should be forwarded to DASA on (08) 8223 2277

Food Complaints

Council's Environmental Health Officer responds to public complaints regarding alleged food poisoning, poor food handling or cleanliness, and food found to contain foreign objects.  If you have concerns about any of these issues at food businesses in the Copper Coast, please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on (08) 88281 200.

Under the Food Act 2001 and associated Food Safety Standards, Council will investigate your complaint.  All complaints are treated as confidential and, if you leave your details, you will be kept informed of the progress and outcome of the investigation. 

Issues relating to customer service at food premises are not investigated by the Council.

Food Poisoning and Contamination

If you believe that you are suffering from food poisoning, it is important that you contact both your doctor and Council's Environmental Health Officer on (08) 88281 200 as soon as possible. To assist Council's investigation, you may be asked to provide a four (4) day food diary, a list of all the foods and drinks that you consumed before your symptoms started. Providing us with any leftover food samples you suspect may have been the cause of your illness may help our investigation providing it has been stored correctly.  Keep all packaging and proof of purchase of the product.

If you find a foreign object in a food product DO NOT remove it. Keep the product intact and store according to the product instructions such as in the fridge or seal it in a plastic container. If you have a product that is contaminated you should contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on (08) 88281 200. 

Food Inspections

Under the Food Act 2001, associated Regulations and Standards, a food business means a business, enterprise or activity that involves

  • the handling of food intended for sale
  • the sale of food

Regardless of whether the business, enterprise or activity concerned is a commercial, charitable or community nature or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on one occasion only.

Before starting food handling operations, all food businesses are required to notify the Copper Coast Council by completing the Food Business Notification Form

Council's Environmental Health Officers conduct pre-opening inspections, complaint inspections, annual food safety inspections and also provides structure and fit out advice of food businesses to ensure proper food safety measures will and are being carried out.

An inspection fee for routine inspections of $97.50 applies each time.

Further information can be found at:

Home Base Food Businesses

If you are planning on establishing a food business operating from your home, the Environmental Health Officer is here to help you.

It is important that home food businesses comply with the Food Safety Laws and Standards, just like any restaurant or cafe.

Before you commence operating:

For further information, telephone the Environmental Health Officer on (08) 8828 1200.

Food Handling and Safety Training

Food businesses are required to ensure that all staff have adequate food handling skills and knowledge.

Council and the Environmental Health Department are committed in assisting commercial, charitable and community groups with educating and training food safety and handling courses.

On-Line Course

Copper Coast Council is pleased to provide you with FREE and unlimited access to an exciting product I'm Alert that will assist you and your food handlers in gaining valuable skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene which will help to ensure only safe and suitable food is produced at your food business.

This program is presented in an interactive, easy to follow, and entertaining format and includes the ability for the user to print off an acknowledgement form and a certificate upon completion of the program that can be kept as a part of your staff records.

This training program will assist food business managers in ensuring all staff are trained in this important area and thereby reducing any risk of food borne illness resulting from poor food handling practices.

It is recommended that all food handlers within your food business take part in this training. This is a great opportunity to provide all your staff with training that would otherwise cost your business money and a great deal more in time.

The entire training takes less than 2 hours to complete.

To undertake the on-line training, click here: I'm Alert Online Food Safety Training

Face-to-Face Course

Twice a year, Council, in conjunction with TAFE and other training organisations, will offer certified food safety short courses.

To enquire about the next upcoming food safety course, contact either:

  • TAFE - Kadina Campus on (08) 8821 0400

  • Environmental Health Team - (08) 8828 1200