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Kerbside Collection Service

Kerbside Collection Service

Waste is an ongoing worldwide issue.

We all have a responsibility to manage our waste for future generations. Council is committed to researching, monitoring and implementing cost effective systems that reduce waste to landfill. But with significant increases to state waste levies and transport costs in the last twelve months, it has been challenging.

Council currently offers the a Kerbside Collection Service:

  • General Waste - weekly collection - 140 litre red lid/green body bin.
  • Recycling - fortnightly collection - 240 litre yellow lid/green body bin.
  • Green Waste - monthly collection - 240 litre lime green lid/green body bin (additional costs apply).

Kerbside Waste Collection - Residential

Kerbside Collection Schedule

The Copper Coast Council provides a three (3) bin collection system:

General Waste
  • Bin Capacity - 140 litres
  • Bin Style - Red lid/dark green body bin
  • Collected - weekly
  • Bin Capacity - 240 litres
  • Bin Style  - yellow lid/dark green body bin
  • Collected - fortnightly
NEW Green Waste 
  • Bin Capacity - 240 litres
  • Bin Style - lime green lid/dark green body bin
  • Collected - monthly


Recycling Calendar

Recycling Calendar 2020

Councils Recycling Calendar 2020 is listed above.

Collection RemindersMy Local Services

My Local Services provides friendly reminders of bin collections on your mobile handsets and tablets. Download the My Services App to never forget to put your bin out for collection again!

Kerbside Waste Collection - Business District

Page currently under development

Household Bin Purchasing

The bins are the property of the owner and do not belong to the Copper Coast Council.

All bins are required to comply with the following standards:

The standards sets out:

  • the design of the bins (including the colour and markings) ensuring uniformity and functionality for users, contractors and mechanical emptying systems.
  • the performance requirements and testing methods ensuring the capacity and strength of the bin is suitable for the purpose intended while being UV-stabilised and chemical resistance to increase the life of the bin.

Older style bins across South Australia are progressively being phased out to align with the Australia standards.  The dark green lid/dark green body bin has now been replaced with the red lid/dark green body bin. The complying bins can be purchased from:

  • Wardles Garbage Contractors - (08) 8825 3341
  • Tru Value Hardware Wallaroo - (08) 8823 2042
  • Mitre 10 Kadina - (08) 8821 2445

Should you wish to purchase bins from other businesses, please ensure the bin is the required model and size.

What Can/Can't Be Put in Each Bin?

Find out what can go in your general waste bin, what can go in your recycling bin and recycling options for other items.

Did you know that research indicates that:

  • our general waste bins are full of recyclables that are unfortunately being sent to landfill.
  • our recycling bins include items that are not recyclable
  • and food scraps are being put in greenwaste bins

You can help our waste system to work more effectively by reminding yourself of the do's and don'ts from the following Information Sheets:

If you are unsure which bin to place your waste in, visit either

This website will enable you to:

  • search the area you live in
  • the item you are wanting to dispose of
  • and it will tell you which bin to place it in.

Should the item not be listed, please call Council on (08) 8828 1200.

Green and Red Bins Green Waste Yellow Bin