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Cat Registrations & Responsibilities

The South Australian Dog and Cat Management Act has been designed to assist with management of stray and nuisance cats, while providing legal protection for cats and cat owners.

Identification separates owned from stray cats. By law, an identified cat is owned and is therefore legally protected.

Your cat can be identified by either:

  • a collar bearing the owner's address or phone number;
  • a microchip inserted under the cat's skin by a vet, with an "M" tattooed in the ear.

If an identified cat is trapped, it must be released immediately. If an unidentified cat is trapped, it may be released or must taken to an authorised person within twelve (12) hours. That person will be able to release it, impound it, give it away, sell it, or euthanase it.

The legal protection of cats does not extend to national parks and reserves. If any cat is found in a national park, designated sanctuary or Crown lands, or more than one kilometre from any place genuinely used as a residence, then legally it can be destroyed regardless of whether or not it is identified.

Cats are not currently required to be registered within the Copper Coast Council.  However Council has a Cats By-law (No 6), that allows the keeping of no more than 2 cats without the permission of Council.

The law does NOT require you to identify your cat if it stays on your property. But if it is not wearing identification when it is off your property it can be trapped and removed as an unowned cat.