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Wallaroo Bay

157 kms from Adelaide

The first white man to sight Wallaroo was Captain Matthew Flinders when surveying Spencer Gulf in HM Sloop "Investigator" in 1802.

It was another 50 years before the first Europeans settled in the area. Mr Robert Miller took up the lease on a 104 square mile section of land for sheep grazing in 1851. When he surrendered the lease in 1857, Walter Watson Hughes became the new lessee, and he called the property "Walla-waroo", a distortion of the aboriginal "Wadla-waru", meaning wallaby urine. "Walla-waroo" eventually was shortened to Wallaroo as it was too long to stamp on wool bales.


Further discoveries of copper at nearby locations led to a decision to build a smelting works in the town, and because Wallaroo was a natural deep harbour, a site was chosen near the seafront for the smelting works. It eventually became the largest smelting complex in the southern hemisphere. The copper boom lasted 62 years, and employment was at its peak and the population at record levels.

The Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum located in the old Wallaroo Post Office, is home to a fascinating collection of all things nautical, including the aged "George the Giant Squid".


The population of Wallaroo today is around 3,700.

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