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Impounded Dogs

Impounded Dogs

If your dog gets out or goes missing please notify council as soon as possible as it may have been collected and taken to Council's pound facility. We endeavour to find the owners of any impounded dogs, but if the dog has not been registered it can become a challenging process for council staff (please see Dog & Cat Management page regarding registrations). Under the Dog and Cat Management Act there are clear legislative requirements regarding the impounding of dogs and the disposal of impounded dogs. Found dogs must be reported to council immediately so that every attempt to reunite the dog with its owner can be made.

Councils are required under Dog and Cat Management Act to hold impounded dogs for a maximum of 72 hours

After the 72 hour time period has elapsed unclaimed dogs can be rehomed if suitable.

Impounded dogs may also be listed on Council's Facebook Page.


If your dog is missing ACT QUICKLY!  If a dog is found in a public or private place without the consent of the occupier and nobody is exercising effective control over the dog, it is considered to ‘wandering at large’ (an offence under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995).   What to do:

  • Ensure your dog is unable to escape from its yard
  • Make sure your dog is under effective control in public places
  • Ensure your dog always wears a collar with a current registration disc attached
  • If your dog is lost contact the council on 88281200.
  • Heavy penalties may apply for dogs wandering at large

The obligations put on Council in terms of the Dog & Cat Management Act come at a cost to ratepayers.  To be fair to all ratepayers fees are applied to the owners of dogs that require a particular service.  If your dog is found wandering at large by Council’s Authorised Officers you may incur the following costs:


Impound fee: $58.00

Impound fee - Out of Hours: $102.00

Daily charge after day one: $21.00

Service Fee to return unregistered dog to owner: $62.00

Service Fee to return unregistered dog to owner (after hours, weekends): $102.00

Fee for 1st return registered dog (business hours & not impounded): No Charge

Fee for return registered dog (after hours, weekends): $102


Section 33, Owning or keeping an unregistered dog: $170.00

Section 43 (1), Dog deemed to be wandering at large: $210.00

Section 40, A dog in any place without a collar and current registration disc: $170.00

Section 45A (6), Failure to remove faeces Immediately: $210.00

Section 44 (2), Attack/harass/chase a person, animal or bird: $315.00

Section 45A (5), Creating a nuisance by barking or otherwise: $315.00

Section 45A (4), Dog rushes or chases vehicles: $315.00 

Section 42(A), Owner of dog/cat that is microchipped has not notified change of owners details within 14 days: $170.00

Owner of dog/cat that is microchipped doesn't provide the identification number of microchip implanted to the registrar in which kept: $170.00

Fee for Euthenasia &/or Disposal of Animal: Actual Cost + 10%

Impounded Dog 2014


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