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KADINA (148 km from Adelaide)

The Copper Coast towns of Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo are collectively known as Australia's Little Cornwall, due to the large settlement of Cornish copper miners who lived in the region after copper was discovered near Kadina in 1859. The Cornish heritage became integral to the local culture, and is still celebrated every second year during the Kernewek Lowender (Cornish Festival).

Kadina (aboriginal meaning Lizard Plain) is the largest town on the Yorke Peninsula, and is a thriving commercial centre. It has a population of around 4900 people.

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Historic limestone buildings include the Kadina Town Hall, local banks, churches and other buildings. Attractions in the town include The Farm Shed Museum & Tourism Centre, which is a fascinating display of all things to do with Kadina's first 150 years. It includes Matta House, the old mine managers residence and now the centrepiece of the museum complex, which also houses historic farm machinery, the blacksmith shop, mine site, "Her Side of the Story", the Kadina Story, and much more.



Ascot Theatre KadinaThe Ascot Theatre building has been developed to incorporate a cultural centre and gallery which houses the Kernewek Lowender Art Collection, a second venue for rotating art and craft displays and exhibitions, and a craft co-operative retail outlet. Upstairs during the school holidays and over the weekends, Statewide Cinema show the latest release movies.


The Wallaroo Mines (where copper was first discovered) is a 'suburb' of Kadina, along with Jerusalem, Jericho and Newtown. A few relics of the copper mining industry remain, along with many old limestone cottages, still lived in today.

The dominant feature of the mines is Harvey's Pump House, a towering three storey building. Lesser ruins give the mine an intriguingly different character from the better preserved workings at Moonta and provide a fascinating insight into the history of the region. Bed and Breakfast mining cottages provide the tourists with a unique cultural experience.

A feature of the town is Victoria Square, a beautiful shady parkland, including playground, bbq facilities, an old rotunda which still used on a regular basis, and public amenities. It is also the location of the monthly Rotary Markets.

Several books on Kadina have been published by local historian Keith Bailey, and these include "James Boors Bonanza", "The Wallaroo Mine", "Copper City Chronicle", "Brass amongst the Copper", "Kadina-A Second Look" and "Cornets on the Copperfields".

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