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The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) is an industry and community working group, established to implement the Battery Stewardship in Australia, and coordinate a national collection and recycling scheme for batteries. Batteries can be processed to recover plastics and metals, some of which are used to manufacture new batteries. Single Use Batteries are usually alkaline batteries with zinc, manganese or lithium chemistry. Rechargeable batteries are commonly nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion and are found in the same shapes and voltage as single-use batteries, as well as specifically designed for laptops, mobile phones and electronic equipment.  Envirostream is Australia’s first onshore lithium, nickel metal and alkaline battery processor.

Council encourages the recycling of all batteries and has provide the following:

Battery Recycling Bins

Disposal of A, AA, AAA, C, D, 6v, 9v and hearing aid batteries (both single use and re-chargeable batteries) are accepted at the Council implemented battery recycling bins which are located at:

  • Kadina Council Office
  • Kadina Library
  • Wallaroo Library
  • Resource Recovery Centre in Wallaroo
  • Moonta Library
  • Moonta Tourism Centre

Batteries can also be disposed of at Aldi in Kadina.

Mobile phone batteries are also accepted in the programs above and with mobile phones and other accessories at your local Telstra Store via the MobileMuster program.

Motor Vehicle Battery Recycling

Motor vehicle batteries can be disposed of at the Resource Recovery Centre located in Wallaroo at no cost.

Further information can be found at: