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CEO's Message - Wallaroo Swimming Enclosure

25th August 2020


I consider it important to provide further information on the status on the Wallaroo Swimming Enclosure due to public confusion.

I have been the Chief Executive Officer for 18 months and was not involved with the process for the Contract and construction of the previous Wallaroo Swimming Enclosure.

The Council had a Contract with Seaslip, who subcontracted the project to 3 subcontractors. To resolve a financial settlement involves mediation with 5 parties; including Council - dealing with 5 Solicitors, 4 insurance companies, 4 business owners and a mediator. This will be complex, difficult and time consuming. But it must be progressed and resolved as quickly as possible.

It is expected that this could take between 12 to 24 months for a financial settlement to be received. Within this time, Council and the Wallaroo community could jointly have an agreed project designed and costed to replace the failed swimming enclosure. An opportunity for ALL interested persons, organisations and businesses to have input into such project/s at Wallaroo would be provided.

I incorrectly believed that options for both or either aquatic and land based projects could be considered, given that the swimming enclosure was damaged and could not be used. I was wrong. It has been made clear the community wants a suitable aquatic based facility.

Once agreement has been reached on a project/s, it can be designed and costed. We will then be in a position once financial settlement is reached, to use these funds to leverage Federal/State funds for the project/s for Wallaroo. It is desired for there to be the very best project/s in Wallaroo, as agreed to by the community, that will stand the test of time.

Russell Peate
Chief Executive Officer
Copper Coast Council