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Indigenous & Multicultural

Indigenous & Multicultural

Indigenous / Multicultural
Black Rainbow

#ContagionOfLove community micro-grants are available to self-identifying LGBQTI people of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community to assist with hosting Indigenous LGBQTI community events.

Capacity Building Funding for Native Title Corporations

Support for PBCs to maximise the economic and social potential of native title through the effective and sustainable management of their land.

Human Rights Innovation Fund

Amnesty International Australia will support at least one indigenous organisation working to end youth incarceration and/or supporting individuals/families/communities experiencing youth detention.

Tailored Assistance Indigenous Employment Grants

Provide funding support to connect working age Indigenous Australians with real and sustainable jobs, as well as assisting Indigenous school students to transition from education into sustainable employment.

Aboriginal Benefits Foundation

Grants to support projects which advance the aims of the Foundation, with the current focus on supporting art, literacy, education, health and cultural projects with a connection to Aboriginal art and/or artists.

Indigenous Social Enterprise Fund

Funds to support Indigenous social enterprises (ISEs) develop to scale and sustainability through providing them with investment packages and business support.

Grants SA

Multicultural groups and communities are a priority for Grants SA funding, particularly for projects that will develop and strengthen our multicultural communities, encourage cross-cultural awareness, and foster intercultural relationships, mutual respect, understanding and community unity.

New Indigenous Protected Areas Program

The Department of the Environment and Energy aim to protect and conserve biodiversity by funding the development and dedication of new Indigenous Protected Areas.