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Hazardous Waste (inc Asbestos)

Hazardous Waste (inc Asbestos)

Hazardous waste is not suitable to be placed in your general waste (red lid) bin.

Even though an item is classifed as 'hazardous waste', correct disposal is essential. The resources used to make the product can be recovered and reused to make new items, reducing landfill and protecting the environment at the same time.

If you have a question about a hazardous item not listed below, please contact Council on (08) 8828 1200.

Where can I take Hazardous Waste?


Asbestos must be removed and disposed of in a safe manner. There is a certain amount of asbestos the home owner can remove safely, anything over this quantity and the asbestos must be removed by a licensed contractor. You can find a licensed asbestos removalist in your local yellow pages.

A guide for the safe removal of asbestos can be found at the following link:

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos must be disposed of at a facility that is licensed to accept it. The Copper Coast Resource Recovery Centre at this stage is not a licensed facility and thus does not accept any hazardous material of this kind. A list of facilities in South Australia that do accept asbestos can be found in the following document:

Wastes containing Asbestos - Removal, Transport & Disposal

For more information on asbestos please go to the Asbestos SA website:

Asbestos Awareness aims to alert Australians to the dangers of working with asbestos during home renovations and maintenance and educate them about where asbestos might be found in and around the home.

Whether a home is constructed of weatherboard, brick, fibro or has exterior cladding, asbestos can be found in and around most homes built or renovated before 1987.

Asbestos can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and under floor covering, behind wall and floor tiles, in cement floors, internal and external walls, garages, ceilings, eaves, fences, extensions to homes, and backyard sheds… it could be anywhere. Don’t play renovation roulette! Visit It’s not worth the risk!


The Copper Coast Council has recently implemented battery recycling bins.

Disposal of A, AA, AAA, C, D, 6v, 9v and Hearing aid batteries are accepted.

The battery recycling bins can be found at the following locations;

  • Kadina Council Office
  • Kadina Library
  • Wallaroo Library
  • Resource Recovery Centre in Wallaroo
  • Moonta Library
  • Moonta Tourism Centre

Batteries can also be disposed of at Aldi in Kadina.

Further information can be found at Planet Ark

Car Batteries

Car batteries can be disposed of at the Resource Recovery Centre located in Wallaroo at no cost.


Like other recyclables, e-waste contains resources such as gold and copper which can be reused for new products. Council offer a free service to residents in which anything with a cord can be brought to the Resource Recovery Centre at no cost to allow companies to recover these valuable resources.

Gas Cylinders

Refill through Swap ‘n’ Go exchange at most service stations.

Light Globes

Compact Fluorescent Light Globe Recycling for Householders


Through the Zero Waste SA BackLight Household Light Globe Recycling Program, Mitre 10 and True Value Hardware stores will take back used or unwanted light globes from householders (not commercial users) for recycling, free of charge.

The nearest Mitre 10 store is Mitre 10 Kadina on Port Road. Customers can bring in their old light globes and give them to staff.

The nearest True Value Store is Wallaroo Hardware at 21 Owen Tce, Wallaroo

Householders are advised not to place compact fluorescent globes or other fluorescent tubes in their kerbside recycling bin. These items need to be recycled with a specific process. The mercury powder contained in them is a significant contamination concern for the broader recycling industry.

The Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010 banned fluorescent and other mercury containing lighting from landfill, from September 2013.

Commercial or Industrial Options

There are fee-for-service options available for commercial and industrial users to ensure their fluoro tubes and globes are diverted from landfill and recycled such as CMA Ecocycle or Lamp Recyclers.

Motor Oil

Motor oil can be disposed of at the Resource Recovery Centre in Wallaroo at no cost.


Unsure of what to do with your paint tins?

If you still have paint in the tin, dry it out by leaving the lid off. Once dry, remove the dry paint from the tin and place it in the waste bin. The tin can then be placed in your recycle bin.