Stormwater Management


Stormwater Management

The Copper Coast Council have adopted and apply the use of a Stormwater Management Plan to manage stormwater run-off within Copper Coast Region in order to minimize flooding, danger and damage as well as the impacts of runoff on the receiving waters. Stormwater runoff is referred to as rainfall that flows over the ground surface and created when urban development takes place in rural catchment such as roads, driveways, parking lots, rooftops.

The majority of stormwater in Moonta and Wallaroo discharge into the Spencer Gulf. However, the Copper Coast Council is committed to reduce the amount of pollution through its stormwater system as well as various gross pollutant traps which are designed to trap solid object such as bottles and waste items. The following map indicates how stormwater is managed at Port Hughes through underground pipes.

pipes rain

Although the majority of stormwater in Moonta and Wallaroo discharges into the ocean, all stormwater in Kadina through major Stormwater Drainage design and work is captured to be reused within neighbouring properties outside of the CBD.

pipes rain

In addition to piped drainage system, Council maintain a significant amount of open drainage network within Copper Coast region to ensure all stormwater throughout our region will flow freely.

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