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Carports & Verandahs

Any carport or verandah that is attached to a dwelling requires development approval.

If the proposed carport or verandah is not attached to a dwelling please refer to the below heading domestic outbuildings.

Carports and verandahs should not dominate the view from the street of the dwelling to which they are attached. The design of the proposed carport or verandah will need to be reviewed to ensure that it is structurally adequate. Details of the materials to be used and the footings of the structure will be required.

In most circumstances, installing a door to an existing carport will not be require development approval.

In certain circumstances, carports and verandahs will only require Building Rules Consent and not Development Plan Consent. Please contact Council to confirm whether or not this will apply to your proposed carport or verandah.

Domestic Outbuildings - Garages, Sheds & Pergolas

An outbuilding is primarily detached from an existing habitable building already erected on the site.

Domestic outbuildings include garages, sheds, verandahs and pergolas require Development Approval unless it is exempt under the following criteria:

An outbuilding requires development approval when:

  • a floor area greater than 15 square metres (or greater than 10 square metres within a Historic Conservation Area);

  • a roof span greater than 3 metres;

  • a height greater than 2.5 metres above the natural surface of the ground;

  • it is within 900mm of a secondary street boundary:

  • it is within 6 metres of the intersection of two roads;

  • it is located on the boundary or closer to the street boundary than the existing dwelling on the property;

The above also applies to pergolas and/or structures that do not have a solid roof or a non permeable material.

A domestic garage or shed is an ancillary use to a dwelling on the same allotment and should be used only for domestic purposes such as

  • storage of vehicles or household items by persons resident on the site

  • the conduct of home activity (as defined in the Development Regulations 2008)

The following should be considered when submitting an application:
  • a garage or shed shall not be erected on a vacant allotment without Council approval unless it is erected in conjunction with the construction of a dwelling on the allotment.

  • the siting of a garage or shed should not cause undue inconvenience to neighbours nearby or affect residents by way of:

    • creation of glare from roof or walls
    • creation of a prominent structure that is out of scale with residential development in the locality
  • desirably, the total site coverage of a dwelling and outbuildings should not exceed 60% of the total area of the site.

  • a garage should be coloured to blend with existing dwellings and in keeping with the areas character.

  • should be setback 6 metres from a primary street boundary or 0.5 metres behind the main facade of the dwelling with which its assocaited, whichever is greater.


Free standing pergolas may not require development approval if they are not located in a local heritage place or do not have a solid roof covering (other than a permeable material, ie shade cloth).

Please use the Virtual House (SA Planning Portal) link below to determine if approval is required. Just type in your property address and select the the part of the house you are planning to build or change.  You will be shown whether approval is required (or not) and which advice on the next steps.

Lodging a Development Application

Other Useful Documents and Links

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Further Information

To obtain further information or to discuss your specific circumstances, please contact our office on ph: (08) 8828 1200 option 3