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Outdoor Trading

Outdoor Trading

A person or business must not undertake commercial activities on Council land (including footpaths, streets and road related areas) without the permission of Council. 

Activities which require an Outdoor Trading Permit include, but not limited to are:

  • Outdoor dining

  • Canvassing and leaflet distribution

  • Perishible and Non perishible tables and racks - ie clothes, books, furniture

  • Flower sales

  • Information stands & pop up displays

  • Overhanging articles for display and sale 

  • Vending machines

  • Petrol station pumps

To sell goods or to have an outdoor dining area on Council land, you will need to complete an Outdoor Trading Application including:

  • Copy of current Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance) for a minimum of $10 million in the business name, noting Copper Coast Council as an interested party against any claims and listing footpath trading as covered

  • Detailed site plan to scale (See diagram below)

  • Photographs of site

Please refer to Council's policy prior to completing your application - Outdoor Trading Policy.

Do we need a permit for an ‘A’ frame or sandwich board sign?

Under Council's By-Law, each business premise is allowed one (1) moveable ‘A’ frame or sandwich board sign without a permit.

Please refer to Council's By-Law - ‘MOVEABLE SIGNS BY-LAW 2016’.

Installation of permanent fixtures

Permanent fixtures will require Development Plan Consent.

To discuss your specific circumstances, please contact our office ph (08) 8828 1200 option 3.

Application cost for Outdoor Trading Permit

The fees and charges are charged per square metre for use of public land as outlined in Council’s Fees and Charges 2020 - 2021.

Once the application has been received, Council will invoice the business owner for fees payable.

The fees and charges are payable every three (3) years.

Duration of Outdoor Trading Permit

An Outdoor Trading Permit is valid for three (3) years from the date of approval.

Terms and Conditions of an Outdoor Trading Permit

  • A copy of the Outdoor trading permit (‘permit’) must be retained on the premises at all times.  

  • The permit is required to be provided on request to any Authorised Officer of the Council.

  • The permit holder must allow an Authorised Officer access to the outdoor cafe area at any time with or without notice and provide any documents when requested by an Authorised Officer. It is the responsibility of the permit holder and their employees and agents to comply with these terms and conditions at all times and to report any change in circumstances or potential breach of the conditions.

  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to comply with all laws including local laws and all other legal requirements relevant to the operation of the outdoor cafe and to ensure that employees and agents also comply.

  • The permit holder must at its own expense comply with all other legal requirements concerning the outdoor trading area and all activities upon it, and obtain and keep in force all necessary licences, permits and authorities which may be required to use the outdoor trading area.

  • The permit holder is at all times responsible for the good order, conduct and behaviour of patrons using the outdoor trading area.

  • The permit holder must maintain a Public Liability insurance policy for a minimum of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) stating Copper Coast Council as an interested party.

Alteration to an existing Outdoor Trading Permit

You will need to lodge an Outdoor Trading Application form showing the alterations.

Subject to the alterations being approved, your permit agreement will be altered and the permit fees and charges may be adjusted accordingly.

Change of ownership where there is a pre-existing approved outdoor trading area

In the case of a business which has an Outdoor Trading Permit that change of ownership, an new Outdoor Trading Application will be required in the new business name and/or owners name.

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Further Information

To obtain further information or to discuss your specific circumstances, please contact our office ph (08) 8828 1200 option 3.