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Cycling Trails

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The Copper Coast with its compact central core and wide variety of gentle coastal and hilly hinterland scenic countryside is ideally placed to encourage both its residents and visitors to enjoy its amenities through walking and cycling. The coastal area from Port Hughes, through Moonta Bay, Wallaroo and North Beach is ideal for increased walking and cycling access. The short distances involved and the proximity of homes, resorts, shops, businesses, schools, entertainment and recreational venues enable people to quickly and conveniently access these areas by foot or cycle.

The Copper Coast, with its outstanding scenery, farmland, bushland, coastal vegetation, country towns and scenic roads and trails network is an ideal setting for development of tourist and recreational activities based on long distance walking, cycling, and off-road cycling.

The map below features some of our local trails for cycling, open the menu top left and see what the Copper Coast has on offer.

Don't forget to open your Strava app and match it with some of our local legends.

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