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CEO Russell Peate

CEO Boss Chief

Russell has over 30 years of experience in Local Government (with a number of previous roles as CEO), bringing forth a clear vision for the Copper Coast, with sound awareness of how to best implement projects in to prospering attractions/community services and economic development for the benefit and growth of the region.

As he has for the duration of his time in Local Government, Russell intends to collaborate openly and willingly with State and Federal counterparts, to ensure our community can thrive, and continue to prosper. Russell added that he is ‘… most passionate about working and partnering with the community and businesses to help make services and projects happen. The ability to work with the community and partner with them to ensure better services, facilities, expansion of/or new businesses, provision of projects that the community have identified and working with the Council team to help make this happen.’

Russell instills those around him with a strong sense of community, and his passion inspires progression.  
‘In collaborating with local residents and businesses, I believe that we as a Council as one unified voice, can have a lasting and influential impact on the success of the Copper Coast Community.’