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Meeting Schedule

The Decision Making Structure of the Council

The full Council - the Mayor and ten Councillors - meet formally on the first Wednesdays of every month at 7.00 pm. A  Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) meeting to consider Development Act applications submitted for approval is held on the second Wednesday of each month at 5.30 p.m.  Audit Committee Meetings are held at least 4 times a year on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4.00pm to discuss the financial issues of Council. 

Every meeting of  Council, the Audit Committee, and of the Development Assessment Panel is open to the public to attend. The Council, a Council committee or Development Assessment Panel may, however, order that the public be excluded from attendance at so much of a meeting as is necessary to receive, discuss or consider in confidence certain prescribed matters. Such matters include, for example, the consideration of legal advice, commercial in-confidence information, tenders for the supply of goods and services, personnel matters etc.

Council, Audit Committee, and Development Assessment Panel meeting agendas, together with the accompanying reports and correspondence, are placed on public display, at Council's three offices and on the Council's website, not less than three days prior to those meetings. Minutes of the meetings are placed on display for free public access within five days of each meeting.  



Ordinary Council Meetings

Ordinary Council meetings to be held in the Council Chambers, Kadina Town Hall, at 7.00pm First Wednesday of each month (except January when meetings are held second Wednesday of the month due to the Christmas/New Year holiday period).

Ordinary Council Meeting Dates
1st Wednesday @ 7pm (except January & February)
January 22nd July 2nd
February 12th August 6th
March 5th September 3rd
April 2nd

October 1st

May 7th

November 5th

June 4th

December 3rd

Council Development Assessment Panel

Council Development Assessment Panel meetings to be held in the Function Room of the Kadina Town Hall, at 5.30 pm, second Wednesday of each month. A meeting may be cancelled if there are no items to discuss. A special meeting may be called if required.

CDAP Meeting Dates
2nd Wednesday @ 5.30pm
January - No Meeting July - No Meeting
February - No Meeting August 13th
March 12th September 10th - Meeting Cancelled
April - No Meeting October 8th
May 14th November 12th
June - No Meeting December 10th


Audit Committee

Audit Committee meetings to be held in the Meeting Room in the Kadina Town Hall, at 4.00pm at least 4 times  year.

Audit Committee Meeting Dates
3rd Wednesday at least 4 times a year @ 4.00pm
March 5th (5pm)
April 16th
June 11th
September 17th
November 19th

Committee and Working Group Representatives(206 kb) 

For minutes from previous years meetings click here.
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