Moonta Heritage Walk


Moonta Heritage Walk

QUEEN SQUARE, 1897  Queen Square Monument

The Square was named in honour of Queen Victoria on the 25th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Moonta in 1897.  Originally Queen Square was a disused limestone quarry from where building material had been grubbed.  A small "mine shaft" monument to commemorate the Copper Centenary (1861-1961) is also in the Square near the Town Hall.


FountainThe fountain 

The fountain at the centre of the Square was presented to the town in 1893 by the first mayor, Charles Drew. 

Methodist ChurchMOONTA UNITING CHURCH (formerly Methodist Church), 1873

The memorial stone was laid by Charles Drew on the 6th October 1873.  The church is a Gothic style and built of coursed limestone walling.  The lecture hall alongside was the original church erected in 1866 and enlarged in 1870.


The foundation stone was laid in 1873.  This building was sold to the Church of Christ in 1913 and closed in 1976 and currently remains vacant.  There was seating for nearly 400.


In 1883, the Salvation Army purchased a large wheat store in the lane off Ellen Street, to be used as Barracks.  The present Hall was erected and opened in 1901 and is still in use today as a private residence.

SCHOOL OF MINES, 1866-1903

The southern portion of this building was created as a Baptist Church in 1866.  The adjacent residence (in Ellen Street) is the original Baptist Manse.  The Church was purchased by the Government in 1891 and converted for use as a School of Mines, the first one outside of Adelaide.  The first classes at the School were in metallurgy, minerology, chemistry, mathematics, assaying and drawing.  Owned by the National Trust and operated as LOCAL & FAMILY HISTORY CENTRE.


This was built in early English style by Maddern & Potts (stonemasons) and Hague & Lake (carpenters) to the design of Thomas Jones.  The foundation stone was laid by Governor Anthony Musgrave in September 1873, and the building opened by Bishop Short in September 1874.  The Church was build of local stone and bricks, stained glass windows.  The organ added in 1890 and the bell made of local copper and cast in the mine workshops.  The Parish Hall was erected in 1903 by William Cowling.


This is the oldest Masonic Lodge Hall in Australia.  The Hall was build in 1875 for the Duke of Edinburgh Masonic Lodge.  It was built by Rossiter and Davies to the design of Thomas Jones.  The Lodge was established in 1869 and held its first meetings in the Royal Hotel.


The foundation stone of this church was laid by Bishop Shiel in July 1869.  Catholic services were initially provided by the Jesuit Fathers if Sevenhills near Clare.  The first permanent Priest in the district was Father William Kennedy at Kadina in 1866.

MOONTA AREA SCHOOL (formerly Moonta School), 1877

The Moonta "Model" School was erected in 1877 by Rossiter & Davies and opened in 1878 - the first headmaster being Edward Pearce.  a High School commenced in 1910.  The Primary and High Schools combined in 1978 to form an Area School.


The Moonta Hotel opened for business in 1863 with H Latter and W Olifent as licencees.  Olifent held the licence from 1864-1875.  The verandah was added about 1890.


This fine two storey building was erected in 1873 by SD Marshall of Port Wallaroo.  The facade is constructed of dark stone from the Moonta Mine is contrast to the commonly used limestone.

TAMAR HOUSE (formerly Rossiter residence), c1865

The house is constructed of coursed rubble walling with ornate rendered quoins and surrounds to openings, built by William Cowling, a mayor of Moonta 1902-03 and 1907.  The attached two storey shops were destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1990, using the remaining original stone walls.  Now a private residence.


The Royal Hotel was erected in 1865 with H Lester as fist licensee. The upper storey verandah was added approximately 1890 and has been removed from the southern end of the building.


The original "All Saints" Anglican Church was erected at the rear of this building in 1865, and this building followed in 1866 as the church school room.  It was sold to the Druids in 1902 when the present Anglican Church was built.   This building was used in 1988.  The adjacent cottage is probably the original Anglican Manse erected about 1865.  Now a private residence.


The Moonta Post Office and Telegraph Station was constructed by TR Heath of Port Wallaroo in 1866 and opened as Moonta's Telegraph Office.  In 1909 a bull-nosed verandah was added.  Apart from a new verandah in the 1960's the external appearance is unchanged.


This building was erected in 1865 as the Globe Hotel with W Square as first licensee.  In 1885 the building was extensively damaged by fire.  The original narrow balcony was removed in 1910 and replaced with the present structure of footpath width.

SHOPS, 1870

These well-preserved single amd double fronted shops with verandahs were built about 1870.  They feature brick parapets - some with mouldings and retain shop fronts common to the late 19th century.


A most unique two storey building of unusual design.  The opulent design with rendered quoins and molded surrounds to doors and openings, ornate parapet are of particular interest.  The building was erected in 1873 for the Bank of South Australia, which opened their first branch in George Street c1864-1865.  In 1892 this building was aquired by the Union Bank as part of the rationalisation of Australian banking.  The bank closed in 1943.  It is now a private residence.


The National Bank established a branch in Moonta in 1866.  This imposing bank building was completed in 1867. 

MOONTA ANTIQUES (formerly Prince of Wales Hotel), 1863

This building was opened in 1863 as the Prince of Wales Hotel with Mt Weeks as first licensee and was delicensed in 1911.  Many prominent Moonta organisations held their first meetings in this hotel,  early Cornish miners often held illegal cock fights in the yard at the rear of the building.  Later used as a billiard hall until late 1930's.

STATE BANK (formerly Savings Bank of South Australia), 1917

The premises were build by Webber & Williams and opened for business in the 28th May 1917.  The shop frontage was built of stone from the Moonta Bay beach area.  The building was enlarged in 1972.


This building was erected in March 1870 as Moonta's third institute.  The hall closed in 1875 on the opening of the Town Hall.  The building was sold to the Friendly Societies and used as a meeting hall until the 1950's. 


 This building was Moonta's fourth Institute and was erected in 1885 by Pollard and Cowling of Moonta.  The clock tower and clock were added in 1907 with funds raised by the Institute and a donation by Miss Lutze.  An important building of Moonta's progress and the centre of its municiple and social activities of nearly a century.


- near the corner was presented by Mayor Symons in 1890 to mark the arrival of reticulated water supply.  It has not been connected for many years.

 1  Queens Square,  1897 George Street 
 2  Fountain  
 3  Methodist Church,  1873  Robert Street
 4  Bible Christian Church,  1873  Henry Street
 5  Salvation Army Hall,  1901  Robert Street
 6  School of Mines,  1866-1903  Ellen Street
 7  All Saints Anglican Church,  1873  Blanche Terrace
 8  Masonic Lodge, 1875  Blanche Terrace
 9 St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church,  1869   Blanche Terrace
 10  Moonta Area School, 1877  Blanche Terrace
 11  Moonta Hotel,  1863  George Street
 12  Marshall Building, 1873  George Street
 13  Tamar House, c 1865  Ryan Street
 14  Royal Hotel, 1865  Ryan Street
 15  Druids Hall, 1866  Ryan Street
 16  Post Office, 1866  Ellen Street
 17  Cornwall Hotel, 1865  Ellen Street
 18  Shops, 1870  Ellen Street
 19  Former Union Bank, 1873  Ellen Street
 20  National Bank, c1867  George Street
 21  Moonta Antiques (formerly Prince of Wales Hotel), 1863  George Street
 22  State Bank (formerly Savings Bank of South Australia) 1917  George Street
 23  Moonta Town Hall & Drinking Fountain  George Street


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