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CWMS - General Information


On 19th January 2005 Council appointed Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) for the purpose of designing, calling tenders and supervising the construction of a Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) for Moonta, Moonta Bay and Port Hughes.

As a result of the meeting on 5th March 2008 KBR were released from this contract and replaced with a consortium of consultants in conjunction with the LGA consisting of Tonkins, Wallbridge and Gilbert and HDS to complete the design and documentation of the Moonta, Moonta Bay and Port Hughes CWMS.

Public Consultation

The Council has undertaken Public Consultation in relation to the Moonta, Moonta Bay and Port Hughes CWMS as required under the Local Government Act 1999, to ensure the community was aware of what is occuring.


2012-2017 Project

CWMS Letter to residents 11th May 2012(230 kb)

CWMS Moonta, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes July 2012 Information(634 kb)

Moonta, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes CWMS Drainage Project Costs 2012(201 kb)

Council Meeting 3rd October 2012 - CWMS Easements(1318 kb)

Letter to Residents 29th May 2014(185 kb)

CWMS Information Video

CWMS Completion Information from July 2017 Copper Post Newsletter

CWMS Completion Letter to Residents August 2017(488 kb)

CWMS Moonta, Moonta Bay & Port Hughes Project Information August 2017(982 kb)


Moonta CWMS Project Information October 2017 Newsletter

Waiving Connection Fees


Previous Information

Geotechnical Investigation Report

Capital Costs

CWMS Public Consultation Report

Addendum to Public Consultation Document

Overall Scheme Layout

19 September 2006 - Public Meeting held at Moonta Town Hall

CWMS Update May 09 CWMS%20Update (33 kb)

CWMS Easement Acquisition May 09

Kadina Wallaroo Audit Report Nov 2004

Appointment of KBR & Report Jan 2005

Audit Results Implemented

11th October 2006 - Special Council Meeting

1st August 2007 - General Manager's Report - IES Committee Agenda

6th February 2008 - Acting General Manager's Report - IES Agenda

7th May 2008 - General Manager's Report - IES Agenda

6th August 2008 - General Manager's Report - Council Agenda


Connecting to the CWMS

Connecting to CWMS - Moonta, Moonta Bay & Port Hughes(135 kb)

CWMS Policy

Fees and Charges Register 2015-2016 Page 10 inc. CWMS fees(50 kb)

Pricing Schedule(47 kb)

Pricing Policy Statement(37 kb)


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