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Kadina CBD Redevelopment Graves Street Trial

Kadina Redevelopment Graves Street Trial


In the 2014/15 Annual Business Plan the Council committed to the redevelopment of the Kadina Town Centre.

The area has been identified as the commercial hub for the Yorke Peninsula, but currently has a number of issues including;

  • Ageing infrastructure

  • Disability access

  • Pedestrian movements and safety

  • Shade and general amenity

  • Mismatch of pavement surfaces

  • Traffic flow and management


A master plan was created following public consultation in 2012/13. The overview plan is available here, an example of the expanded Frances Terrace car park is available here. An updated version of the plan (June 2017) is available by clicking here.

Work is currently starting on the design and construction phase of the redevelopment with the project to be rolled out over 3 budget cycles. The 1st year (14/15) will include undertaking a trial in a short section of Graves Street that will provide the community an opportunity to contribute to the final designs. The trial will include the addition of trees into the CBD and the alteration of the pedestrian access and central crossing points. In year 2 (15/16) the designs will be finalised and tenders prepared and year 3 (16/17) is when the construction is likely to begin.   The total construction will be budgeted over 3 years with the 14/15 allocation being $1,500,000. Council will also be seeking grant funding to support the project.

The master plan (pg 67&68) suggested that a section of Graves Street be upgraded to introduce a shared use mall within the heart of the town centre, between Hallett and Goyder Streets. The intent of the shared use mall is to once again establish Kadina as not only the main service town within the Copper Coast but to help create a new identity for the town drawing locals and tourists to visit and spend time. A shared use mall would cater for parking opportunities directly to the front of shops and encourage social interactions strengthening community pride in Kadina.

The intent of the trial is to seek further community comment on this change, before the final construction plans are prepared.

The trial will also provide input to the changes identified for other parts of Graves Street, Taylor St and the adjoining streets as feedback will also be requested on paver selections and central crossing points which will be used to a lessor extend in those areas.

The proposed redevelopment (once completed) will provide well lit, safe shaded access from an expanded car park along Frances Terrace. It is hoped all staff and some customers will use this car park to access the town centre. This will free up the other parking for those specifically visiting one shop or who prefer not to walk between shops for a variety of reasons.

The following section of Questions and Answers will be regularly updated as the trial progresses. An overview of the trial can be found here.

Q. When will the trial start?

A. Work will start on the trial in mid-September 2014

Q. How can I provide my comments?

A. You can provide comments via the , in writing (PO Box 396, Kadina SA 5554) or via email to All comments and submissions will be considered. We request that you indicate if you require a response, and we appreciate your feedback.

Q. Will all the parking remain 2hrs?

A. It is expected that there will be a range of parking; All day (Frances Street, Victoria Square) 4hrs (Off Street car park in Taylor Street, and parts of Hallett Street), 2hrs (parts of Graves and Taylor) and 30 minutes (in the centre part of Graves Street)

Q Will shade be provided?

A. Yes the plan is to provide trees at each intersection and in most streets. Our aim is to also plan trees at the midway point of each section of the street.

Q. Will the old Mobil site be used as a car park?

A. The old Mobil site is not owned by the Council, our current focus is to redevelop and expand the parking along Frances Terrace.

Q. Will all the streets look like the trial section?

A. No, the short piece of Graves Street is the most developed area, to retain the parking in other areas the works will be less extreme, but the footpaths will be renewed, trees will be planted and the crossings at the intersections will be made safer. Some streets will also have a central crossing point.  See overview plan.

Q. What works are envisaged for Taylor Street?

A. New footpaths, trees, seating, safer crossings, etc. The works in most areas will be the same except for the short section of Graves Street between Hallet and Goyder Streets.

Q. Is Woolworths relocating to the showground?

A. The rezoning of the showground will not allow for a business like Woolworths to be located there. Councils understanding is that Woolworths intend to expand and redevelop the site they already have.

Q. Will the single lane of traffic block the road while someone is parking?

A. No, the single lane is wide enough so it will allow other cars to proceed around a car while it is parking if it is safe to do so.  The parking spaces have also been made extra-long to make it quicker and easier to park in. In most cases you won’t even need to reverse park, just drive straight in.  

Q. If the project does go forward will there be planter boxes along the kerb as they make it difficult to open the car doors.?

A. No, if we proceed the trees will be directly planted in the ground and offset to allow room for the doors to open. Planter boxes where used in the trial to help people understand where the kerb will go and how wide the footpaths could be.

Q. Will any consideration be given to loading zones?

A. Yes, in the final designs there will be consideration given to loading zones, disability car parking and taxi areas.

Q. Will all business have the opportunity to comment?

A. Council is working with the Kadina Chamber of Commerce to communicate and obtain feedback from all businesses. But they can also respond individually. We are also working directly with the owners of the businesses directly adjacent to the trial area. They were given the opportunity to decide if the trial proceeded, as it directly affected the parking outside their businesses.


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