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Household Refuse

Household Refuse

Household Refuse - Weekly Collection

Householders have the option of purchasing either a green-lidded 120 Litre squat bin OR a red-lidded 140 Litre squat bin for their weekly refuse collection. These may be purchased from either Wardles Garbage Contractors in Moonta (phone: 8825 3341), the hardware store in Wallaroo (phone: 8823 2042), Mitre 10 Kadina (phone: 8821 2445) or any other supplier.

Council has also recently made available the option of having a second bin collected for your household refuse. These bins can be either 140 Litre squat bin with a red lid or 240 Litre with a dark green lid. To be entitled to the second collection, residents are required to purchase a sticker from the Council Office at Kadina. The prices for the additional bin stickers are: $170.00 for an 140 Litre bin and $286.00 for a 240 Litre bin, with Part yearly fees applying from 1st January.

Collection Days are as follows:

Monday Wallaroo & North Beach
Tuesday Moonta Bay & Port Hughes
Wednesday Moonta Township, Moonta Mines,
North Yelta and North Moonta
Thursday Kadina Township, Newtown,
Wallaroo Mines & Jerusalem
Friday Paskeville & Cunliffe
Monday & Friday Kadina, Moonta & Wallaroo Business Areas

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If your bin has not been collected please contact Wardles on

0418 846 456 or 8825 3341


Kerbside Waste

There is an old adage ‘one man’s waste is another man’s treasure’. Unfortunately we are finding it hard to find the treasure in amongst the many costs associated with processing our community’s waste. Currently, the State Government’s waste levy, imposed on councils for their waste, contribute approximately 40% to the fees charged at the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) in Wallaroo.  Unfortunately, these increases have to be absorbed by the fees charged at the RRC and your general rates.

However, the increased charges do not give us an excuse to harm our environment, or by doing the wrong thing, increase the cost to the community even more. It appears that some ratepayers are choosing to mix their green waste with the general waste which is collected through our kerbside waste collection (see photo below). 

Rubbish Pile

There are some very good reasons we shouldn’t be putting green waste in your bin with the red lid.

  • By sending organic waste (food scraps and garden trimmings) to landfill we are burying matter that will potentially decompose without oxygen to produce methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) over 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

  • It can result in major damage as a result of spontaneous combustion of green waste mixed with general waste. It was only the swift response of staff who succeeded in putting out a fire before it could spread, that recently saved our RRC from catching alight.

  • It costs more. These costs put a significant financial burden on our local community and should be minimised.  Clean, sorted green waste can be re-used as mulch, thereby minimising the cost to our community. 

  • Under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016, fines in excess of $1,000 can be imposed for individual households.  Higher penalties will apply to businesses.

Mixing green waste with any kerbside waste is illegal and Council is taking steps to reduce the risk posed by the mixing of green waste with other waste.  The steps that will be taken include the following:

  • Using cameras on the vehicles collecting the kerbside waste to detect illegal materials.  This will assist in pinpointing the location with photographic evidence of the property where the waste was collected.   

  • Using staff or contractors to do spot-checks for any waste not intended for kerbside pickup.  If illegal waste is found in a wheelie bin, penalties will apply.

Optional green waste bins are available from Council to ratepayers who do not want to transport their green waste to the RRC.  These bins are currently available at a cost of $150 per year and the bins are collected once a month.  Click here for more information.

Minimising your fees charged at Resource Recovery Centre

Like many other waste facilities around Australia, our fees are charged based on the size of the vessel in which the waste is transported. This arrangement has been in place for many years and there are good reasons, including;

  • To remove the “guesswork” to ensure consistency in the fees charged; and

  • Protect Council staff against false allegations where inconsistent charging may occur due to staff having to estimate an approximate load volume.

  • It keeps our staff safe, by keeping them at ground level without the need to climb on loads.

To minimize their costs residents are advised to:

1)      Pick the most appropriate vehicle size to take their waste to the RRC to minimize their costs;

2)      Sort the waste to avoid higher charges for “mixed loads”; and

3)      Compact the waste when using an open trailer or utility vehicle.

By sorting your waste and/or reducing your loads into separate materials you are not only saving yourself money, but you are also helping the environment. Less waste is buried in landfill when you sort it.

Damage to Council roads

When vehicles are driving on the edge of a sealed road the seal of the road is damaged, shortening the lifespan of the road.  When a refuse bin is not placed close to the edge of a traffic lane or kerbside it forces the heavy collection vehicle closer to the edge of the road, damaging the seal along the edge of the road.  Residents are urged to place the bins no further than 0.5 meters from a traffic lane to allow the pick-up truck to steer away from the edge of the sealed road (refer to photos below).   In future, to protect our roads, the contractor may refuse to empty a bin if it is placed too far from the edge of the traffic lane. 

Bin Placement


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