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Disposing of Batteries

Disposing of Batteries

Battery Drop Off Points now located at the Kadina Council Offices and the three Copper Coast Libraries

Disposing of Batteries


We use Batteries for a lot of everyday products such as computers, laptops, radios, remotes and even some toys. They are even used in some watches and hearing aids.


With the use of batteries comes the growing concern on the impact batteries are having on the environment when they reach the end of their life and go to landfill.

In an attempt to reduce the load of batteries going into landfill, the Copper Coast Council now have free disposal points for batteries.

These are located at:

                • Kadina Council Office
                • Kadina Library
                • Wallaroo Library
                • Moonta Community Library

We encourage you to save your batteries and bring them to any of our disposal points, and in future, look into the possibility of using rechargeable batteries.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of the Copper Post newsletter to find out how many batteries our Council area has saved from going to landfill!


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