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Notification of Intention to Burn Off

standard321387497677474e-c250-4b4e-b439-7bdd0ee204aeTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseTrueFalsepending2Once you have received your permit to burn, you can notify council of your intentions to burn by completing the following form. We must be notified prior to 12 noon on the day of the intended burn off. Any notification received after 12 noon carries over to the following day./page.aspx?u=1387&t=uform&uformId=32&uformMode=processFormNotice of intent to Burn OffNotice of intent to Burn Offufield376Permit NumberFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield377Date of NotificationFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield378Time of NotificationFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield379Section/Hundred of BurnFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield387Closest Street/Road or Your Rural Property NumberFalseTrueFalseTrue40400ufield380Date of BurnFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield381Time of BurnFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield382NameFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield383Contact Phone NumberFalseTrueFalseTrue40255ufield384Email AddressFalseFalseFalseTrue40255

Burning - Further Information

15 February to 30 April

Fires shall not be lit without a permit

Fires must not be lit on any total fire ban day

Fires shall not be lit on Saturdays, Sundays or Public holidays

Fires shall not be lit before 10am and must be extinguished by 9pm.

Further conditions for burning of broadacres, patching out and fire harrowing are available on application.

No burning without a permit

**A permit must be obtained from the Kadina Council Office. This can be arranged by telephone on (08) 8828 1200. Application for a permit must be made at least 1 day prior to burning, allowing the Council authorised officer to assess the application and to give the permit holder time to read & understand new conditions for the Copper Coast area. All permit conditions can be viewed on Council’s website.

Permits available from February 2015

** Permits will be issued subject to Fire Bans and general weather conditions.

Please obtain your Permit early in the season

** The permit holder must notify the Council of his/her intention to light the fire prior to 12 noon on the day of the burn.

Further conditions for Burning Off Broadacres, Patching Out and Fire Harrowing are below. Please click on the links to download the conditions.

Permit Conditions for Burning Off Broadacres Permit%20Conditions%20for%20Burning%20Off%20Broadacres (24 kb)

Permit Conditions For Patching Out and Fire/Dump Harrowing Permit%20Conditions%20For%20Patching%20Out%20and%20Fire/Dump%20Harrowing (22 kb)

Should any resident in the Copper Coast area have any questions regarding burning off or bushfire prevention safety, they should contact Council's Authorised Officers.

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